Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda' S

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Product information "Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda' S"
Name: Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeralda', T.Moore 1878



warocqueanum = Arthur Warocqué, (1835–80), a promoter of Belgian horticulture

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Colombia

epiphytic, also hemiepiphytic in the Pacific Andes at altitudes of 0-2250m, in warm, moist and wet mountain forests


Anthurium warocqueanum 'Esmeraldas' is found in province of Esmeraldas in the north of Ecuador on the border to Colombia. Young plants are clearly lighter and more delicate in foliage than normal Anthurium warocqueanum, also the striation becomes more distinct only with increasing age.

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