Epi-Web board 50 x 50cm

Epi-Web board 50 x 50cm

  • durable alternative for terrarium back walls
  • pH-level neutral
  • does not decompose
  • does not contain any nutrients
  • easily absorbs water
  • natural appearance, resembles Dicksonia (tree fern)
  • suitable for all epiphytes
  • good microclimate in the root area, always airy and moist
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durable alternative for terrarium back walls pH-level neutral does not decompose does... more
Product information "Epi-Web board 50 x 50cm"

Epi-Web board, approx. 50 x 50cm
EPI-WEB consists of a non-decomposing, very stable synthetic material. Overgrown it remains moist for a long time and it is free of root-damaging components.  EPI-WEB is 100% non-toxic and made with 70% recycled material. The material is available in different panel sizes, and it is very suitable for back walls in showcases. It is also suitable as a base for mounting orchids. In the beginning it must be watered regularly, when the material becomes mossy, watering can be reduced.

Physical characteristics:
material: polyetylene tereftalate (PET).
water holding capacity: 76% of its own weight
conductivity: 0-1 µS
pH: Neutral 7.0
color: gray
weight: 97 g/liter
uv-stable: yes


  • it is pH neutral and does not decompose. It does not contain nutrients and is easily washed out.
  • crushed it is easily suitable as a planting material, the plant is stable in the pot.
  • easily absorbs water.
  • roots grow into the material.
  • transplanting is not necessary, because the material does not decompose
  • natural look, strongly resembles Dicksonia (tree fern).
  • suitable for all epiphytes.
  • good microclimate in the root zone, always airy and moist

Tip: Epi-Web can be glued seamlessly

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