Hygrolon 50 x 50cm

  • Hygrolon is a fabric-like synthetic material
  • does not decompose, durable for many years
  • versatile use on orchids
  • ideal for living backwalls in terrarium-vivarium construction
  • high water holding power
  • easy to work with Hygrolon
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Hygrolon is a fabric-like synthetic material does not decompose, durable for many years... more
Product information "Hygrolon 50 x 50cm"

Hygrolon is a fabric-like synthetic material that does not decompose. It is easy to process and shape. The possible applications in orchid culture or terrarium construction are almost unlimited. It can be glued to terrarium back walls, it can be used as a wick to guide water, it can be used as a tie-on base, and, and....
Hygrolon consists of 3 layers. The outer two layers are woven, and the inner layer of nylon fibers acts as a release liner. The outer two layers are highly hygroscopic and woven in a "worp" technique that gives the fabric its net shape. The middle layer is the ventilation layer, it provides the perfect combination of moisture and air.
Water that comes in contact with the material is quickly and evenly distributed over the entire surface, similar to or better than organic materials such as bark, tree bamboo fiber and sphagnum.

Technical Information:
Material: polyetylene tereftalate (PET).
Fiber thickness: 0.5 denier (1 gram of fiber equals 18,000 meters)
Water holding capacity: 285%*
Conductance: 3-5 µS
pH: neutral, 7.0
Weight: 310g/m2
UV stable: Yes


  • it is pH neutral and does not decompose. It does not contain nutrients and is easily washed out.
  • easy to form
  • absorbs water easily.
  • roots grow into the material.
  • transplanting not necessary because the material does not decompose.
  • suitable for almost all plants, especially epiphytes.
  • good microclimate in the root area, always airy and moist.

Hygrolon can be processed with many different adhesives. Often silicone, hot glue or spray glue (automotive) are taken. Please make absolutely sure that the adhesive effect is achieved through direct contact with the material. If the adhesive penetrates the material, this will lead to problems with water flow and possibly also with fouling.
We have had very good experience with FLORAL ADHESIVE, in special florist glue for plants. In the small tests it now it works perfect since April. 2019.

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