BIPLANTOL® Orchideen 1l Refill Pack

BIPLANTOL® Orchideen 1l Refill Pack

  • increases the flowering and flower formation
  • promotes vital growth
  • does not leave lime stains
  • refill
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increases the flowering and flower formation promotes vital growth does not leave lime... more
Product information "BIPLANTOL® Orchideen 1l Refill Pack"

BIPLANTOL Orchid Spray provides regeneration and resistance as well as more blooming and flowering. For successful orchid care and maintaining the health of your orchids, we recommend the regular use of our Biplantol Orchid Spray. The product is ideal for all orchid species. It promotes lush flowering, as well as healthy root growth and the formation of new bulbs. Even orchids that are lazy in flowering are stimulated again to flower and root formation. The ready-to-use spray solution is easy to use and is particularly suitable for the regeneration of weakened orchids. The orchid spray does not leave lime stains. Vital and healthy orchids are more resistant and therefore less susceptible to diseases, climate and location-related stress. Orchids are accustomed to high humidity in the wild. Therefore, in addition to watering or dipping, it is inevitable to spray the plants regularly and BIPLANTOL Orchid Spray is perfect for this purpose.

  •     Regenerates weakened orchids, especially in the case of limp flowers and drooping green leaves
  •     increases flowering and flower formation
  •     supports plant health and vitality
  •     stimulates the plant's own regenerative capacity
  •     improves the microclimate by increasing air humidity
  •     promotes root growth and thus nutrient supply
  •     supports the symbiotic coexistence between orchid roots and mycorrhiza fungi
  •     does not leave lime stains on the leaves

Used preventively, BIPLANTOL® supports the orchids from the inside out. Homeopathically treated orchids are more robust, grow better and are more eager to bloom. Plants stressed by care mistakes and diseases can recover more easily with multiple applications. BIPLANTOL® Orchids is absorbed through the leaves and roots and does not leave lime stains on the leaves.

Directions for use:
BIPLANTOL® Orchids is a ready-to-use spray solution that does not require dilution. Shake before use. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Wet top and bottom of leaves, as well as aerial roots evenly. For best results, spray leaves and aerial roots regularly , once a week throughout the year. Moisten the leaves well without dripping the liquid from the leaves. The ideal distance between the spray head and the plant is about 30 cm.

Time of application:

  • spring to autumn spray 1-2 times a week.
  • in winter apply more often as needed. In case of very dry air, apply daily.

No side effects on humans, beneficial organisms and ecosystem when used as directed and properly. Bees, beneficial insects and other insects are not affected. Included in the list on plant strengthening agents of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).

Homeopathic-dynamized complex remedy (D10-D100) consisting of minerals, trace elements, plant extracts and orchid extracts.

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