BIPLANTOL® Vital NT 250ml

BIPLANTOL® Vital NT 250ml

  • supports plant health and vitality
  • strengthens weakened plants
  • increases flowering and flowering readiness
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supports plant health and vitality strengthens weakened plants increases flowering and... more
Product information "BIPLANTOL® Vital NT 250ml"

BIPLANTOL Vital NT is the universal liquid plant tonic on a homeopathic basis. For general health maintenance, regeneration and care of garden, houseplants, orchids, flowers, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, cacti and bonsai. Suitable for the care of both sick and healthy plants.
BIPLANTOL Vital NT strengthens plants from the inside out. It supports the development of new roots and activates the metabolism of plants. This enables them to regenerate more quickly. Biplantol Vital NT contains all the active ingredients vital for the plant in a homeopathic-dynamized form. With regular use every 2 weeks, the plants regenerate faster and are thus more resistant to diseases. Vital plants are more resistant and therefore less susceptible to diseases and stress.

Effect with preventive and multiple application

  • supports plant health and vitality
  • strengthens weakened plants
  • stimulates the plant's own regenerative capacity
  • promotes root growth and thus nutrient uptake
  • improves growth
  • increases flowering and flowering joy
  • stimulates the flow of juices

Plants stressed by diseases, harmful environmental influences or by other causes can recover more easily with repeated application. The plant's own regenerative powers are stimulated. BIPLANTOL® is absorbed through the leaves, needles and roots. Used preventively, BIPLANTOL® supports the plants from the inside out. Homeopathically treated plants are more robust and grow better.

- 2 ml per 1 liter of watering water
- 20 ml per 1 liter of spray water
- water or spray every 2 - 4 weeks
1 liter of concentrate is sufficient for up to 500 liters of watering water. (250ml for 125 liters)

Included in the list on plant strengthening agents of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).
Homeopathic-dynamized complex remedy, contains in potentized form (D6-D100), among others, the minerals potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium; phosphorus, sulfur; trace elements such as boron, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, copper; silicon, organic germanium as well as uronic acids (plant mucilages).
No side effects on humans, beneficial organisms and ecosystem when used as directed and in accordance with the instructions. Bees, beneficial insects and other insects are not affected.

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