ORCHI-FIT orchid fertilizer 250ml

ORCHI-FIT orchid fertilizer 250ml

  • suitable for tropical and terrestrial orchids
  • is based on 40 years of experience
  • special year-round fertilizer, most of the components are chelated
  • very well tolerated by plants
  • contains all nutrients and trace elements
  • with plant-available calcium and protein of organic origin
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suitable for tropical and terrestrial orchids is based on 40 years of experience special... more
Product information "ORCHI-FIT orchid fertilizer 250ml"

Orchi Fit - The orchid special fertilizer. Years of experience in mixed orchid cultures have led to the development of this special all-season fertilizer. All the requirements of flowers and growth are taken into account. The components are mainly chelated. In addition to the main nutrients nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium (2:1:1), which occur in optimal proportions for orchids, the necessary trace elements as well as plant-available calcium and protein of organic origin are included.

Normal windowsill hybrids can get 1 red cap (lid) to 2l of rainwater at each watering from spring to fall. From late autumn, fertilizing is reduced to 1/4 parallel with the decrease in temperature and light. Mounted orchids as well as Vanda, Ascocenda, Rhynchostylis and many others. , which are cultivated without substrate, should receive only half the dose.
Cloud forest and jewel orchids should be fertilized only very carefully throughout the year, and not at all in winter.

(Changes in the composition correspond to the latest own knowledge and experience).
250 ml NPK fertilizer with trace nutrients:

1,5% N total nitrogen

  •     027% nitrate nitrogen
  •     0,54% ammonium nitrogen
  •     0,73% carbamide nitrogen

1,5% P2O5 water soluble phosphate
1.2% K2= water soluble potassium oxide
0.0019% B water soluble boron
0.0004% Cu wass copper*
0.0049% FE wass iron**
0.0019% Manganese (Mn) water soluble*
0.0002% Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble*
0,0004% Zinc (Zn) water soluble*
0.0046% magnesium (Mg) as magensium oxide
*to 100% as chelate of EDTA
** as chelate of DDTA and EDTA
Store between +5 - 40°C.

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