DR. STÄHLER Neem Aktiv

DR. STÄHLER Neem Aktiv

  • contains all the main nutrients
  • valuable bioactive substances that protect against insects, mites, viruses and fungi
  • Free from aflatoxins!
  • 30g Neem Active for 1l of water
  • works systemically
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Content: 1.3 Kilogramm (€10.69 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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contains all the main nutrients valuable bioactive substances that protect against... more
Product information "DR. STÄHLER Neem Aktiv"

Special organic fertilizer

Systemic effect:
Neem seeds come from the tropical neem trees. These have already been discovered as a healing agent about 1,500 BC. Neem seeds have versatile positive properties for humans, animals and plants. The ingredients are absorbed through the leaf and root and distributed with the sap flow, so that they can develop their effect throughout the entire plant. Contains all important main nutrients and valuable bioactive substances that protect the Neem tree native to India against nematodes, locusts, mites, viruses and fungi. Free from aflatoxins!

Also used in organic farming.
The ground neem seeds, which have been processed into a so-called neem press cake, can be mixed with garden soil or coconut substrate. For the coconut soil, which is poorer in nutrients, the combination with neem press cake is an ideal supplement. Mixed into the plant soil, all plants can thus also be potted. Or you fill 1 l water with 30 g Neem Aktiv in your watering can. Stir vigorously and let the infusion stand for about three hours. Immediately before watering stir again, so that also the mud gets into the soil.

  •     Organic NPK fertilizer 1.5 - 0.4 - 2.2 (+ 0.3 MgO)
  •     Using vegetable matter from food, food and feed production and agriculture (deoiled neem seeds).
  •     1.5 % total nitrogen (N); 0.4 % total phosphate (P O )
  •     2.2 % total potassium (K O); 0.3 % total magnesium (MgO).

Net mass:
1.3 kg

Starting materials:
100% deoiled neem seeds (neem press cake).

84 % organic matter, evaluated as loss on production.

Instructions for proper storage:
Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. In case of storage ≥ 4 years, a reduction of the nitrogen content cannot be excluded.

Directions for proper use:
Sprinkle 25 to 100 g per 1 m² (approx. 5 g on a 12 cm pot) on the soil or work it in (dosing cup: spread: approx. 8 g, heaped: approx. 10 g). The fertilizer can also be stirred into water and then watered.

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