SCOTTS Naturen Bio Schädlingsfrei Neem (konz.)

  • effective against many sucking and biting pests on fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants
  • concentrate from NeemAzal-TS®, a high-quality azadirachtin extract from the neem kernels
  • good plant tolerance
  • leaf-depth effect, thus up to 10 days protective effect
  • used in organic farming
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Product information "SCOTTS Naturen Bio Schädlingsfrei Neem (konz.)"

Concentrate of NeemAzal-TS®, a high quality azadirachtin extract from the neem seeds. Effective against many sucking and biting pests on fruit, vegetables & ornamental plants.
SUBSTRAL® Naturen® Bio Schädlingsfrei Neem is an insecticide for the control of sucking, biting and leaf-mining insects as well as fungus gnats and potato beetles. For use in ornamental plant production and vegetable growing. SUBSTRAL® Naturen® Bio Schädlingsfrei Neem contains as active ingredient Neem Azal-T/S, a special extract from the seeds of the tropical Neem tree, which has a special mechanism of action. Within a few hours after treatment, the pests are inactivated and stop feeding. The natural reproduction cycle is interrupted and the pests subsequently die after a few days. Even if pests are still present after treatment, they do not cause any damage. The active ingredient is also absorbed by the leaf, so that hidden sucking pests as well as miners are included in the control. The effect in the leaf lasts up to 10 days.

Directions for use:
Since the best treatment success is achieved when the early insect stages (young caterpillars/larvae) are struck, application should be made at the onset of infestation or when the first symptoms/pests become visible. Complete wetting of the leaf mass with the spray broth is important for successful treatment. Distribute the spray liquid evenly on the plants and also on the undersides of the leaves or, in the case of fungus gnats, water the soil well. Always prepare only as much spray broth or watering solution as is necessary for treatment and apply on the same day.
Do not apply when there is a high probability of rain, in full sun or temperatures above 25°C.

Due to the special mode of action, the treated pests do not fall off the leaves immediately, but do not cause any damage shortly after treatment. Protect sensitive surfaces such as floors, furniture, windows, etc., e.g. with newspaper against spray stains. If necessary, place houseplants outdoors in a protected, shady place for treatment. Plant tolerance is generally good. However, due to changing, seasonal cultivation conditions and the many plant species and varieties, it cannot be ruled out that damage may occur in individual cases, even to insensitive plants. If necessary, test sensitivity on individual foliage beforehand.

Azadirachtin (from NeemAzal-TS®)

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