Moss Mix 50g

Moss Mix 50g

  • 50g moss mix
  • spores from tropical mosses
  • to be used with hygrolon, epi-web
  • ready to use, you only need water
  • 50g is for 1 square meter (recommended by DUSK)
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50g moss mix spores from tropical mosses to be used with hygrolon, epi-web ready to use,... more
Product information "Moss Mix 50g"

General advice and instructions for Epiweb-Moss mix:

Mix the dried moss mixture with water to a youghurt consistency. Please allow the mixture to stand overnight before use. Apply the moss mixture using a brush. Smoothen the moss layer with a wet brush. The moss layer should be between 1-3 mm thick. After a few months, it may be necessary to put in additional moss in places where water drips etc. This is applied by hand or by brush.
The mosses contained in the moss mixture are of a tropical type and are favored by a water with a low nutrient content and a pH between 5.7-7.0. The second part of the moss mixture consists of Sphagnum moss and is used to give the tropical moss a favorable substrate for establishing itself and for its water-retaining and antiseptic ability. Rainwater or osmosis water is preferred.

One can sometimes see a whitish layer formed. This is a penicillin-type mold and is completely harmless to both plants and animals. It usually disappears after a few weeks when the moss takes over. After a few weeks, a greenish layer usually forms on the most wet and light parts. This should not be confused with green algae and is a natural step formed when the mosses undergo the so-called protonemal phase. From this algae-like layer, new moss plants are formed.
Mosses needs good access to daylight type light (5000-6500 Kelvin) to grow optimally. The minimum light requirement is approximately 650 FC (foot candles), corresponding to approx. 7000 lux/ m²
For comparison, a 36W fluorescent lamp provides a maximum of 1200 lux.

Mosses are slow growing. One cannot count on having a full coverage in just a few months.

It is important to keep track of the nutrient content of the water. Regular water changes are necessary to prevent enrichment of nutrients, etc. We recommend that water be changed completely every two weeks.
Keep a close watch for flower flies (Sciara thomae). Its larvae live in moist substrates and can break a moss establishment in the event of more severe attacks. The easiest way to avoid these is to plant a carnivorous plant if possible. In the case of acute attacks, nematodes are inserted against the flies. Contact us for advice and places of purchase.

Important! Remaining soaked moss must be dried in order to be stored.

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