seed sowing medium TGZ-SL

seed sowing medium TGZ-SL

  • instant media for orchid "in-vitro" propagation according to pharmacist E. Lucke
  • for seedsowing of Cypripedium, Orchis und Ophrys
  • sufficient for 1l "in vitro" medium
  • store in a cool place
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instant media for orchid "in-vitro" propagation according to pharmacist E. Lucke for... more
Product information "seed sowing medium TGZ-SL"
  • These media are top-quality products that are constantly being improved and have been widely tested in practice and in universities and which are subject to strict quality control after production. For the experienced, the use of instant media means valuable time savings and inexpensive material calculations
  • The beginner is spared unnecessary sources of error.
  • The accuracy of a letter scale is sufficient for weighing even small quantities
  • Additions of natural substances or active ingredients are possible without restriction

Instructions for use:
The necessary amount of the powdry media is weighed. If there are any lumps, they are ground up with a mortar or with your fingers. The complete amount of the substrate is dissolved in 1l of distilled or demineralized water (with 0.5l, half the dose, etc.) The water is heated beforehand and then the substrate is slowly added while stirring constantly. Then we carefully continue to stir and heat until everything has dissolved: the solution is then transparent to translucent. The pH does not have to be adjusted, it is between 5.0 and 5.5 depending on the substrate. Additional natural substance additives or active substance additives are usually not necessary, but can be added. If birch sap is added to the nutrient medium, no value correction is necessary. Some natural substance additives such as natural pineapple juice require a pH correction. If insoluble or sparingly soluble components (sediment) occur in the nutrient medium - e.g. even with the addition of banana mash - then the undissolved portion must be evenly distributed over all culture glasses.
In practice, the following media have proven to be particularly beneficial for transplanting of the germinated seeds, whereby the protocorms should be approx. 1 mm in size:
  • GD nutrient medium D incl. 25% birch bleeding juice or 5-10% pineapple juice.
  • SBL nutrient medium A including a homogenizate made from 100ml fresh pineapple juice with 40g firm banana pulp per liter nutrient medium.
  • SBL nutrient medium A and C including 10% fresh pineapple juice. When adding pineapple, the pH value must be adjusted to pH 5.1 drop by drop with ammonia.
The experience has shown that freshly prepared natural substance-nutrient medium combinations should be preferred to cans or preserved food. Birch juice, pineapple juice and pineapple-banana homogenate can be kept very well when stored in the freezer (1-2 years).
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