Anthurium effusilobum

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Product information "Anthurium effusilobum"
Name: Anthurium effusilobum, Croat 2005

 nicht bekannt


effusilobum: effusus = diffuse; lobus = lip, lobe

Propagation: division
Origin: Ecuador, Peru

wächst meist terrestrisch entlang der pazifischen Anden an geschutzten, schattigen bis dunklen, immerfeuchten Stellen in Höhenlagen von 500m - 1500m


There are 2 known varieties of this species:
Anthurium effusilobum var. effusilobum is characterized by a dark purple spadix and is found near Tena in Pastaza, Ecuador.
Anthurium effusilobum var. pallidispadix is characterized by a light green to cream spadix and is found further north.

The beautiful, red petiole coloration is only found on older plants.

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