Anthurium rimbachii (syn.: falcatum) 'Ecuagenera'

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Product information "Anthurium rimbachii (syn.: falcatum) 'Ecuagenera'"
Name: Anthurium rimbachii, Sodiro 1903

Anthurium falcatum, Sodiro 1905
Anthurium bricarellii, Sodiro 1905


rimbachii = Prof. August Rimbach, 1862-1943 (Riobamba), professor at the university in Cuenca, a German botanist and zoologist, who lived in Ecuador from 1890 until his death. His brother Carl Rimbach, 1864-1933 (Riobamba), was a geologist.

Propagation: divisons
Origin: Ecuador, Colombia

Anthurium rimbachii is endemic to western Ecuador, occurring from sea level up to 950 m in elevation, in tropical moist forests, tropical wet forests, and premontane rain forests. (A locality in Colombia with Anthurium rimbachii has now been registered).


Anthurium falcatum and Anthurium bricarellii are now considered synonyms of Anthurium rimbachii. These species come from the general geographical area where Anthurium rimbachii occurs, and photographs of their type specimens and the original descriptions agree in most respects with the material of Anthurium rimbachii.

Leaves differently shaped on one plant
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