Anthurium gracile

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Product information "Anthurium gracile"
Name: Anthurium gracile, (Rudge) Lindl. 1834

 Anthurium acuminatum, Schott 1855
Anthurium belangeri, Engl. 1881
Anthurium gracile subsp. belangeri, Engl.1881
Anthurium gracile var. poiteanum, (Kunth) Engl.1878
Anthurium inconditum, Schott 1858
Anthurium longipes, Matuda 1952
Anthurium macilentum, Schott 1859
Anthurium poiteanum, Kunth 1841
Anthurium poiteauanum, Schott 1860
Anthurium rudgeanum, Schott 1855
Anthurium scolopendrinum, Kunth 1841
Anthurium scolopendrinum var. belangeri, (Engl.) Engl. 1905
Anthurium scolopendrinum var. contractum, Engl. 1905
Pothos gracilis, Rudge 1805
Pothos scolopendrinus, Ham. 1825
Pothos scolopendrioides, Desf. 1804


gracile = delicate, tender

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Central - and northern South America

terrestrial, also epiphytic, in warm, tropical, humid areas at altitudes from 10 - 2500m.


compact, very vigorous anthurium with robust foliage, very adaptable. Particularly beautiful are also the inflorescences of fruit with numerous bright red berries.

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