Anthurium lancea

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Product information "Anthurium lancea"
Name: Anthurium lanceanum, Sodiro 1903

Anthurium lancea, Sodiro 1903 non Anthurium lanceanum, Engler 1903

There are 2 varieties described:
Anthurium lancea var. ecostatum Croat 2009
The variety ecostatum differs from the typical variety of Anthurium lancea by the absence of the posterior rib (hence the epithet "ecostatum" = without posterior rib or costa) and by narrower, non-cordate leaves and by a spadix with practically no petiole. Colombia at about 1800m altitude.

Anthurium lancea
var. lancea (no data)
syn.: Anthurium lancea var. canarense, Sodiroi
This variety was found by Sodiroi in the district of Cañar in Ecuador. Unfortunately, the type material seems to be no longer available, so no further information can be given at this time.


lancea = lance-shaped

Propagation: division
Origin: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru

Anthurium lancea grows terrestrially in shaded areas and occurs at altitudes from 400 - 2500m, plants from high altitudes are described as having more hard leaves, while species from lower altitudes are softer, shinier and more attractive.


According to Tom Croat, the leaves of this species turn black when they die. Exceptions are the plants from altitudes above 2000m, here the foliage color changes differently and the leaves are yellowish brown when dying.
The plants have a beautiful, evenly corrugated surface due to the parallel leaf veins that end at the fringed leaf margin.

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