Anthurium splendidum

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Product information "Anthurium splendidum"
Name: Anthurium splendidum, W.Bull ex Rodigas 1883

Anthurium splendidum hort., Bull 1883 (orthographic variant)


splendidus = splendid

Propagation: division
Origin: Colombia

This conspicuous species grows terrestrially along the Pacific Andes at altitudes of 70-1280m terrestrially in dark shaded areas with very high humidity. The species is endemic.


This species with its wrinkled, but extremely beautiful and striking leaves was already a sensation when it was discovered. Thus, the prestigious magazine THE GARDEN published on the occasion of the first presentation: "Amongst the numbers of new Aroids remarkable for their fine foliage that have been recently introduced to our gardens from the tropics of South America none are so ornamental as the one which Mr. Bull of Chelsea is now distributing for the first time under the appropriate name of Anthurium splendidum."

ATTENTION: Anthurium splendidum grows in nature at very high humidity. Please take care of this. If the plant is left in dry air in your home/on your windowsill after receipt, it will immediately start to floppy.

L’ Illustration horticole (1854-1896)
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