Anthurium tremulum

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Product information "Anthurium tremulum"
Name: Anthurium tremulum, Sodiro 1903

Anthurium buglossum, Sodiro 1903
Anthurium latecordatum, Sodiro 1903
Anthurium vexillare, Sodiro 1903


tremulus = trembling, quivering

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Colombia, Ecuador

terrestrisch in den subtropischen Wäldern entlang der pazifischen Anden, von 100-2700m Höhe.


Anthurium tremulum is very variable in leaf shape. Leaf shape depends on the local variety, the maturity of the leaf, and the age of the plant. Young lowland plants have "narrow, oval-triangular" leaves, while old, mature leaves from intermediate altitudes are more inverted "obpyriform, little constricted".

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