Anthurium oxycarpum 'Giganteum'

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Product information "Anthurium oxycarpum 'Giganteum'"
Name: Anthurium oxycarpum 'Giganteum', E.F.Poeppig & S.L.Endlicher.1845

 Anthurium strictum, N.E.Br. ex Engl. 1879


oxy = sharp, acute
carpum = fruit

Propagation: division
Origin: Bolivia, Brazil North, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

epi- and lithophytic on the eastern side of the Andes, in moist and wet tropical forests at elevations of 100-300m.


According to the original description, this species smells of vanilla during flowering to attract the right pollinator.
The specimen described by Poeppig as the type specimen was collected in Brazil near Ega (today Tefe), which is located on the Río Solimoes at the mouth of the Río Japura. This herbarium is now lost and despite a thorough search, no duplicates could be found. Therefore, a second Poeppig collection from Yurimaguas in Peru, cited by Engler in his 1905 revision, is here referred to as lectotype. It is important to consider the enormous geographical distance.

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