Anthurium rugulosum 'Lluruqui'

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Product information "Anthurium rugulosum 'Lluruqui'"
Name: Anthurium rugulosum 'Lluruqui', Sodiro 1902



rugulosus = with little warts

Propagation: division
Origin: Ecuador

Anthurium rugulosum grows hemieiphytically in moist and wet tropical forests and in high altitude cloud forests in the eastern Andes at altitudes of 1100-2800 m


Anthurium rugulosum must not be kept too warm. The reason is explained by U.S. American Denis Rotolante, who cultivates many Aroids very successfully:  "These plants may respire and burn more sugars on a warm night than they produce in photosynthesizing in the day light  This causes a shortage of stored carbohydrates needed for growth and flowering. This contributes to a lack of vigor and produces weak, disease prone plants which do not flower, fruit or thrive."

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