Anthurium rubrinervium

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Product information "Anthurium rubrinervium"
Name: Anthurium rubrinervium, (Link) G. Don 1839

Anthurium aeranthe, Baker 1871
Anthurium alienatum, Schott 1860
Anthurium amazonicum, Engl.1905
Anthurium cordatosagittatum, Schott 1859
Anthurium humboldtianum, Schott 1860
Anthurium polyrrhizon, K.Koch & Augustin 1855
Anthurium sagittatum, Kunth 1839
Anthurium sororium, Schott 1860
Anthurium terrestre, Engl. 1821
Pothos rubrinervius, Link 1821
Pothos sagittatus, Sims 1813
Pothos suaveolens, Desf. 1829


rubrinervium: rubrus = red, reddish, nervium = nerves, veins

Propagation: division
Parents: Ecuador Peru, Brasil

epiphytic, terrestrial in the eastern Andes and the mountain ranges along the Atlantic coasts, in premontane warm moist mountain forests at altitudes of 100-1700m. Overall widespread in the coastal regions of northern South America.


Anthurium rubrinervium is also botanically classified as a synonym of Anthurium sagittatum. The far-away localities (there are several 1000km between them) and clearly recognisable differences in the leaf structure have convinced us to offer both species separately. More detailed investigations and adaptations will follow.

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