Anthurium spec. nov. 'El Pangui'

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Product information "Anthurium spec. nov. 'El Pangui'"
Name: Anthurium spec. nov. 'El Pangui'



El Pangui = area in Ekuador where the species was discovered

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Ecuador

in the Amazon basin of Ecuador, in a warm and humid tropical climate in shady to semi-shady locations at altitudes below 500m.


This species was sold for a long time as Anthurium insigne 'Paquishiae Rojo'. New evidence has shown that Anthurium insigne is a synonym of Anthurium trilobum. The available herbarium evidence and the observation of this plant as well as the development of the leaves lead to the conclusion that this species is not Anthurium trilobum. Until an exact determination is available, this species is sold at the moment as Anthurium spec. nov. 'Paquishiana'.
Anthurium paquishiana is proposed for redescription to recall the place of origin.
The clone name 'Rojo' (red) should be kept for this clone, because the red coloration of the veins on the underside of the leaf as well as the petiole are quite rare.

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