Anthurium crassinervium,

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Product information "Anthurium crassinervium,"
Name: Anthurium crassinervium, (Jacq.) Schott 1829

Pothos crassinervius, Jacq. 1791
Anthurium crassinervium var. crassinervium, 1829?
Podospadix reticulata, Raf. 1838
Anthurium ellipticum ,K.Koch & C.D.Bouché 1853
Anthurium rugosum, Schott 1858
Anthurium egregium, Schott 1860
Anthurium fontanesii, Schott 1862
Anthurium acaule var. ellipticum, (K.Koch & C.D.Bouché) Kuntze 1891 (Basionym)
Anthurium preussii, Engl. 1905

Anthurium crassinervium var. caatingae R.E.Schult. 1978
Anthurium crassinervium var. crassinervium (syn. Anthurium crassinervium)


crassinervium: crassi = thick, fat; nervium = nerves, veins (leaf veins)

Propagation: division
Origin: Colombia, Venezuela Curacao

epi- and lithophytic, also terrestrial, at altitudes of 100-3000m. The species is ecologically quite variable and occurs in tropical humid rainforest, but also in premontane dry subtropical thorn forest as well as in all transitional areas.


This very hard-leaved species is an excellent, because very undemanding beginner plant, which has its charm due to its wavy, leathery and strongly veined leaves. It grows like a nest and is therefore easy to cultivate even in small spaces.

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