Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Yasuni'

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Product information "Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Yasuni'"
Name: Anthurium argyrostachyum 'Velvet', Sodiro, 1901

Anthurium pandurifolium, Sodiro 1903


argyrostachyum = with silvery spikes

Propagation: division
Origin: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador

along the western Andes, terrestrial, also hemieiphytic at altitudes of 250 - 1900m.


The obpyriform leaves of Anthurium argyrostachyum have a velvety, corrugated texture. The shape of the leaves is strongly dependent on the age of the plant, young plants of Anthurium argyrostachyum have lanceolate leaves, only with increasing age and a certain plant size the leaves develop with the typical arrowhead shape.
Anthurium argyrostachyum takes its name from the landscape in Ecuador where it was discovered. Leaves are pear-shaped, sinuses only slightly parabolic. Young leaves of this clone are very bright, with age the leaves become very dark, which makes the velvety surface even more prominent.

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