Monstera adansonii

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Product information "Monstera adansonii"
Name: Monstera adansonii, Schott 1830

Calla dracontium, G.Mey. 1818
Calla pertusa, (L.) Kunth 1822
Dracontium pertusum, L. 1753
Monstera adansonii var. adansonii, hort.
Monstera pertusa, (L.) DeVriese 1839
Monstera pertusa var. jacquinii, (Roxb.) Schott 2020
Monstera vellozoana, Schott
Philodendron pertusum, (L.) Kunth & C.D.Bouché 1848


adansonii = Michel Adanson (* 7 April 1727 in Aix-en-Provence; † 3 August 1806 in Paris) was a French botanist, ethnologist and naturalist.


Propagation: meristem
Origin: Central- and South America

creeping when young, later climbing, natural habitat at altitudes of 0-2500m.


In English, Monstera adansonii is called "monkey leaf". It is said that a monkey was hiding behind a Monstera leaf when the plant was discovered. This discoverer saw the monkey with the leaf in front of its face and named the plant "Monkey Leaf". Monstera adansonii is very tough and can be cultivated without problems in shady and semi-shady locations, climbing but also as a hanging basket plant.

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