Monstera obliqua 'Peru'

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Product information "Monstera obliqua 'Peru'"
Name: Monstera obliqua, Miq.1845

Heteropsis obliqua, Miq.
Heteropsis obliqua, Miq. ex Engl. 1878
Monstera expilata, Schott 1860
Monstera falcifolia, Engl. 1905
Monstera falcifolia var. latifolia, K.Krause 1932
Monstera fendleri, Engl. 1905
Monstera killipii, K.Krause 1932
Monstera microstachys, Schott 1855
Monstera obliqua var. expilata, (Schott) Engl. 1878
Monstera sagotiana, Engl. 1905
Monstera snethlagei, K.Krause 1925
Monstera unilatera, Rusby 1910


obliquus = slanting

Propagation: division
Origin: Peru, Central-, Southamerica

hemiepiphytic or terrestic,in premontane montane forest with tropical warm-humid forests widespread in the Amazon basin in semi-shaded locations at altitudes of 300-1200m


Monstera obliqua is widespread throughout Central and South America. The nominal form has large, round to elliptical leaves and grows in Central America; the further one gets into the Amazon basin, the more frequently plants with a pronounced slit formation are found.  Martius described this species in Flora Brasiliensis as Monstera obliqua var. expilata. This variety forms large, closed curves in the leaves. This distinguishes Monstera obliqua from Monstera epipremnoides, the so-called skeleton plant, which is open at the leaf margins.

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26 Jul 2022

Sehr hohe Qualität, gut durchwurzelt, bildete nach kurzer Zeit schon neue Blätter

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