Philodendron verrucosum

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Product information "Philodendron verrucosum"
Name: Philodendron verrucosum, L.Mathieu ex Schott 1856

Philodendron carderi, auct.
Philodendron daguense, Linden & André 1871
Philodendron discolor, K.Krause 1925
Philodendron lindenii, Engl. 1879
Philodendron pilatonense, Engl. 1905
Philodendron verrucosum, L.Mathieu 1856


verrucosum = with warts

Propagation: division
Origin: Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru

Usually hemiepiphytic, rarely terrestrial or epiphytic. Widespread from Costa Rica to Peru at elevations from 200 to 1500 (usually above 500) m, mostly in tropical rainforest, but also in tropical moist forest. In Central America it occurs mainly on the Atlantic slope or near the continental divide in Costa Rica and Panama, but also on the Pacific slope in southwestern Costa Rica. In South America, the range extends along the Pacific slope of the Andes to the south of the provinces of El Oro and Cotopaxi in Ecuador, but also on the eastern slopes of the Andes in Napo and Morona-Santiago, and in Peru in the departments of San Martín and Junín at 750 to 1850 m altitude.


One of the most beautiful Philodendron with colourful leaves. The leaves are usually vertically standing, so especially multi-leaved plants present themselves fantastically. Due to the high distribution, many local varieties have also been found.

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