Philodendron heleniae subsp. helaniae (aka Philodendron lehmanii)

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Product information "Philodendron heleniae subsp. helaniae (aka Philodendron lehmanii)"
Name: Philodendron heleniae subsp. helaniae, Croat 1997

not known


heleniae = The species was first collected in 1970 by Jim Luteyn and Helen Kennedy in the vicinity of El Valle in Cocle Province, Panama. It is named in honor of one of the collectors, Helen Kennedy, who at the time worked for the Missouri Botanical Garden as the Curator of Summit Herbarium.


Propagation: division
Origin: Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

Usually hemiepiphytic, rarely terrestrial; climbing tendrils or clinging; along the Pacific coast and adjacent lowlands, in wetland and riparian forests from sea level to 1250 m.


Philodendron heleniae subsp. heleniae occurs from Ecuador to Panama on the Pacific side of the Andes. It differs from subsp. amazonense in having more flowers, reddish spatha, pustulate lower leaf surfaces, and the presence of secretory cells in mature leaves.

Helen Kennedy und Jim Luteyn, die Entdecker dieser Art
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