Dossinia marmorata

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Product information "Dossinia marmorata"
Name: Dossinia marmorata, C.Morren 1848

Cheirostylis marmorata, (C.Morren) Lindl. ex Lem. 1848
Ludisia argyroneura, Miq. 1861
Macodes lowii, (B.S.Williams) J.J.Wood 1984
Macodes marmorata, (C.Morren) Rchb.f. 1858


marmoratus = marbled

Propagation: seed
Origin: Borneo

terrestrial, in lowland and hill forests on limestone with leaf litter and/or moss or among rocks and on rocky outcrops at altitudes from sea level to 400 metres


This terrestrial, rare orchid from Borneo was described by the Belgian Charles Francois Antoine Morren in 1848. It not only captivates with its beautifully coloured leaves, but the numerous white flowers with red-brown spotted petals are also very attractive.

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