Ludisia discolor var. alba

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Product information "Ludisia discolor var. alba"
Name: Ludisia discolor, (Ker-Gawl.) Blume 1859

Anoectochilus dawsonianus, H.Low ex Rchb.f. 1868
Anoectochilus ordeanus, Jennings 1875
Anoectochilus ordianus, K.Koch 1871
Gonogona discolor, Link 1822
Goodyera dawsoniana, (H.Low ex Rchb.f.) W.Bull 1871
Goodyera discolor, Ker-Gawl. 1816
Goodyera ordeana, (Jennings) Boxall ex Náves 1880
Goodyera ordiana, B.S.Williams 1871
Goodyera rodigasciana, L.Linden 1886
Goodyera rubrovenia, B.S.Williams 1862
Haemaria dawsoniana, (H.Low ex Rchb.f.) Hasselb. in L.H.Bailey 1915
Haemaria discolor, [Ker-Gawl.]Lindley 1840
Haemaria discolor var. concolor, Ridl 1896
Haemaria discolor var. condorensis, Gagnep. 1934
Haemaria discolor var. dawsoniana, (H.Low ex Rchb.f.) B.S.Williams 1894
Haemaria discolor var. denisoniana, Kerch. 1894
Haemaria discolor var. grandis, Gagnep. 1934
Haemaria discolor var. ordeana (Jennings) B.S.Williams 1894; Haemaria discolor var. rhodoneura Schltr. 1913; Haemaria discolor var. trilineata, Schltr. 1913
Haemaria otletae, Rolfe 1891
Haemaria pauciflora, Gagnep. 1933
Haemaria rubrovenia, (B.S.Williams) Rchb.f. ex Stein 1891
Kuhlhasseltia carrii, Holttum 1947
Ludisia dawsoniana, (H.Low ex Rchb.f.) Aver. 1988
Ludisia discolor var. ordiana, (B.S.Williams) J.M.H.Shaw 2009
Ludisia furetii, Blume 1858,
Ludisia odorata, Blume 1859
Ludisia otletae, (Rolfe) Aver. 1988
Myoda rufescens, Lindley 1832
Neottia discolor, (Ker Gawl.) Steud. 1821
Orchiodes discolor, (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891


petola = petal-like

Trade name: Jewel Orchid
Propagation: seed
Origin: south east Asia

terrestrial or lithophytic plant occuring in evergreen, lowland forests in shady, humid habitats with rocky substrates along streams and rivers at elevations of 70 to 1100 meters


Ludisia discolor var. alba is occasionally also called Ludisia discolor var. dawsoniana. Both names seem to be invalid, the picture of the original Ludisia discolor var. dawsoniana shows a clearly different coloured species. It is probably a new species.

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