Habenaria rhodocheila 'Yellow'

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Product information "Habenaria rhodocheila 'Yellow'"
Name: Habenaria rhodocheila, Hance 1866

Habenaria militaris, Rchb.f. 1186
Habenaria militaris var. philippinensis, Ames 1908 Habenaria pusila, Rchb.f. 1878
Habenaria rhodocheila subsp. philippinensis, (Ames) Christenson 1992
Habenaria rhodocheila var. philippinensis, (Ames) Ames in ?
Habenaria rodgeri, W.W.Sm. & Banerji 1914
Smithanthe rhodochelia, (Hance) Szlach. & Marg. 2004
Smithanthe rhodochelia subsp. philippinensis, (Ames) Szlach. & Marg. 2004


rhodocheila = with red lip

Propagation: seed
Origin: China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines

terrestrial, also on mossy rocks in mixed deciduous forests, grassy pine forests, or bamboo forests often near streams and waterfalls at elevations from 200 to 1300 meters


This terrestrial orchid is subject to a pronounced dormancy in winter. You can in late autumn, when the plant has moved in, remove the tuber from the ground and give it a cool, dry and dark rest for the winter. As soon as the days become much lighter in the spring, the tubers can be replanted in orchid substrate. Then keep moist (iron damp), sprouting will occur within 4-6 weeks under optimal conditions. Flowering can be expected from mid-August to early September, the flowers are about 3cm high, and last 3-5 weeks depending on weather conditions.
Habenaria rhodocheila was described in 1866 by Henry Fletcher Hance (August 4, 1827 - June 22, 1886), a British diplomat who devoted his spare time to the study of Chinese plants.

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