Lycaste virginalis var. alba

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Product information "Lycaste virginalis var. alba"
Name: Lycaste virginalis, (Scheidw.) Linden

Lycaste alba, Cockerell 1919
Lycaste albida, hort. 1892
Lycaste amabilis, hort. 1892
Lycaste jamesiana, hort. 1889
Lycaste schoenbrunnensis, Umlauft 1893
Lycaste skinneri f. virginalis, (Scheidw.) Christenson 1996
Lycaste skinneri subvar. alba, (Dombrain) A.H.Kent 1893
Lycaste skinneri var. alba, Dombrain 1872
Lycaste skinneri var. albaviridis, Mills. ex Oakley 2008
Lycaste skinneri var. armeniaca, Rolfe 1892
Lycaste skinneri var. cobanensis, Archila 2002
Lycaste skinneri var. gloriosa, R.Warner & B.S.Williams 1885
Lycaste skinneri var. labelloalba, Oakley 2008
Lycaste skinneri var. labelloflava Oakley 2008
Lycaste skinneri var. reginae, B.S.Williams 1887
Lycaste skinneri var. superba, T. Moore 1861
Lycaste skinneri var. virginalis, (Scheidw.) Gajon-Sanchez 1930
Lycaste virginalis, [Scheidw.]Lindley 1888
Maxillaria skinneri, Lindl. 1840
Maxillaria skinneri, Bateman ex Lindley 1842
Maxillaria virginalis, Scheidw. 1842


skinneri = George Ure Skinner (1804 - 1867) was a Scottish merchant, botanist and explorer.

Propagation: seed
Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

epiphytic or lithophytic orchid from humid mountain forests and pine-oak forests at altitudes of 1200 to 1800 metres


Lycaste virginalis var. alba is now the correct name of this species, which was on the market for decades as Lycaste skinneri var. alba. The large, snow-white, waxy flower is very fragrant. It is the national flower of Guatemala, and is there called 'Monja Blanca' or 'Orchid of the White Nun'.
The plant offered for sale here is a cross of 2 different Lycaste virginalis var. alba, so the label may say Lycaste virginalis var. alba x Lycaste virginalis var. alba.

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