Phalaenopsis pallens var. denticulata OP

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Product information "Phalaenopsis pallens var. denticulata OP"
Name: Phalaenopsis pallens [Lindley]Rchb.f 1864 var. denticulata

Phalaenopsis denticulata, Rchb. f. 1887
Phalaenopsis foestermannii, Rchb.f 1887
Phalaenopsis lueddemannia var. pallens, Burb. 1882
Phalaenopsis mariae var. alba, Ames & Quisumb. 1935
Phalaenopsis mariae var alba, Burbidge ex Warner ?;
Phalaenopsis pallens f. alba, (Ames & Quisumb.) Christenson 2001
Phalaenopsis pallens f. fourmaniana, O.Gruss 2001
Phalaenopsis pallens var. alba, [Ames & Quis] Sweet 1969
Phalaenopsis pallens var. pallens, [Lindley]Rchb.f 1864
Phalaenopsis pallens var. trullifera, Sweet 1968
Polychilos pallens, (Lindl.) Shim 1982
Stauropsis pallens, Rchb. f. 1860'
Trichoglottis pallens, Lindley 1850


pallens = pale, without colour

Propagation: seed
Origin: Philippinen

epiphytic in shady, humid lowlands up to 1000m on Mindanao


Phalaenopsis pallens var. denticulata due to the strong contrast with the dark red stripe one of the most colorful varieties among the multitude of the many Phalaenopsis pallens variants.

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