Epidendrum vitellinum OP

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Product information "Epidendrum vitellinum OP"
Name: Prosthechea vitellina, (Lindl.) Higgins 1997

Encyclia vitellina (Lindl.), Dressler. 1961
Epidendrum vitellinum, Lindl. 1831
Epidendrum vitellinum var autumnale, Wilson 1913
Epidendrum vitellinum var giganteum, Warner 1887-8
Epidendrum vitellinum var majus, Veitch 1866
Hormidium vitellina, (Lindl.) Brieger 1977
Pseudencyclia vitellina ,(Lindl.) V.P.Castro & Chiron 2003


vitellinus = yolk-yellow

Propagation: seed
Origin: Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras

epiphytic in oak or pine/oak forests, and lithobphyitc between scrubs around lava flows and cloud forests at altitudes of 1400 to 2600 meters


Needs pronounced dormancy in winter, should not be watered again until the new shoots appear. Can be mounted on cork or hard woods.
Currently taxonomically listed as Prostechea vitellina, but is still best known under the original name Epidendrum vitellinum.
In Mexico known as "Manuelitos".

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