Maxillaria schunkeana OP

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Product information "Maxillaria schunkeana OP"
Name: Maxillaria schunkeana, M.A. Campacci & R.A. Kautsky 1993

Bolbidium schunkeanum, (Campacci & Kautsky) J.M.H.Shaw 2011
Brasiliorchis schunkeana, (Campacci & Kautsky) R.B.Singer, S.Koehler & Carnevali 2007


schunkeana = Schunke, brazilian orchid collector, current

Propagation: seed
Origin: Brasil

epiphytic on mossy trees in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, in the rainforests of the coastal region at altitudes of 600-700m.


Maxillaria schunkeana has probably the darkest flowers in the orchid kingdom, they are so deep dark red that they appear black in normal light. This species grows very compactly, stays relatively small, and blooms with numerous flowers for 2-3 weeks depending on its size.

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