Phalaenopsis lowii OP

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Product information "Phalaenopsis lowii OP"
Name: Phalaenopsis lowii, Rchb.f 1862

Doritis lowii, (Rchb.f.) T.Yukawa & K.Kita 2005
Phalaenopsis lowii f. alba, O.Gruss 2001
Phalaenopsis proboscidioides, Parish ex Rchb.f 1868
Polychilos lowii, (Rchb. f.) Shim 1982


lowii = Sir Hugh Low, (10. May 1824 – 18. April 1905) was a British colonial administrator and naturalist.

Propagation: seed
Origin: Myanmar, Thailand, Borneo

lithophyte in conjunction with limestone rocks at elevations around sealevel to 500 meters near rivers, epiphyte on trees with deciduous leaves at similar elevation.


Phalaenopsis lowii has only been rediscovered a few years ago, for over 100 years it was considered extinct. The last known occurrences are said to have been found from the border to Myanmar (Burma). Large plants can reach panicle lengths of up to 1m, hybrids are not known to date. Because of the unusually shaped anther cap, this species has also been called Phalaenopsis proboscidioides (moth trunk-like).

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