Phalaenopsis stuartiana OP

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Product information "Phalaenopsis stuartiana OP"
Name: Phalaenopsis stuartiana, Rchb.f. 1881

Phalaenopsis stuartiana f. nobilis, (Rchb.f.) Christenson 2001
Phalaenopsis stuartiana f. punctatissima, (Rchb.f.) Christenson 2001
Phalaenopsis schilleriana subvar. vestalis, [Rchb.f] Veitch 1891
Phalaenopsis schilleriana var. alba, Roeblen 1890
Phalaenopsis schilleriana var. stuartiana, [Rchb.f] Burb.1882
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var bella, Rchb.f 1888
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. nobilis, Rchb.f. 1881
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. punctatissima, Rchb.f. 1882
Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. punctulata, Linden 1885
Phalaenopsis schilleriana var. vestalis, Rchb.f 1882


stuartiana = "Phalaenopsis Stuartiana, named in July last in honour of Mr. Stuart Low, of the old firm of Hugh Low & Co."(from the original description from Rchb.f.)

Propagation: seed
Origin: Philippinen

epiphytic, in warm, humid forests of Mindano Island in the Philippines at altitudes up to 300 metres.


Phalaenopsis stuartiana can reach inflorescences of over 1m in length, in the 19th century plants under 1m leaf span were not collected. The flower shape is very variable, from star-shaped to round, the dotting can be absent at all, but also very intense. Phalaenopsis stuartiana is often cultivated too cold, the minimum temperature should not be below 20°C for a longer period.

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