Phalaenospsis finleyi syn. Phalaenopsis (Kingidium) minus

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Product information "Phalaenospsis finleyi syn. Phalaenopsis (Kingidium) minus"
Name: Phalaenopsis gibbosa, H.R. Sweet 1970

Doritis minus, (Seidenf.) T.Yukawa & K.Kita 2005
Kingidium minus, Seidenfadden 1988
Phalaenopsis minor, (Seidenf.) Christenson 2001
Phalaenopsis minus, (Seidenfaden) E. A. Christenson 2001


minus = small
finleyi = Roy Finley, hobbyist from Florida, U.S.A,

Propagation: seed
Origin: Myanmar, Thailand

epiphytic in tropical forests at altitudes from sea level to 160 meters


Mini phalaenopsis that reacts to cold or prolonged drought by dropping its leaves.
Tamlong Suphachadiwong received the first specimen of this species in 1987 from a collector who discovered it on a mountain high above a river. Based on a color photo, a single flower, and a report on the found plant, G. Seidenfaden described the plant as Kingidium minus in 1988. When the genus Phalaenopsis was revised, E.A. Christenson integrated Kingidium into the genus Phalaenopsis, and the species was now called Kingidium minus. Since the genus Phalaenopsis is female, minus had to be renamed to minor, but Phalaenopsis minor had been described by Liu in 1988. Thus, Christenson's description was invalid. His new description was published in 2011, now the species was named Phalaenopsis finleyi.

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