Phragmipedium pearcei

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Product information "Phragmipedium pearcei"
Name: Phragmipedium pearcei, (Veitch ex J.Dix) Rauh & Senghas 1975

Cypripedium caricinum, Lindl. & Paxton 1850-1
Cypripedium pearcei, Veitch ex J.Dix 1864
Cypripedium pearcei, (Rchb. f.) hort. ex J.H. Veitch 1889
Paphiopedilum caricinum, (Lindl. & Paxton) Pfitzer 1895
Paphiopedilum ecuadorense, (Garay) V.A.Albert & Börge Pett. 1994
Paphiopedilum pearcei, (Rchb.f.) V.A.Albert & Börge Pett. 1994
Phragmipedium caricinum, (Lindl. & Paxton) Rolfe 1896
Phragmipedium ecuadorense, Garay 1978
Phragmipedium pearcei var. ecuadorense, (Garay) C.Cash ex O.Gruss 1994
Phragmopedilum caricinum, Rolfe ex Pfitzer 1903
Selenipedium longifolium, Rchb.f 1854
Selenipedium caricinum, (Lindl. & Paxton) Rchb. f. 1854
Selenipedium pearcei, Rchb. f. 1866


pearcei = Richard William Pearce (ca. 1835 - 1868) English plant collector, first worked in a nursery in Plymouth, then from 1858 for James Veitch in Chile, Peru and 1859 - 66 in Bolivia, was sent again to South America in 1867 by another interested party in London to collect, but soon died there of yellow fever.

Trade name: south American slipper orchid
Propagation: seed
Origin: Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Terrestrial or lithophytic orchid, often near rivers and on boulders in rivers, at altitudes of 300-1800 metres.


Phragmipedium pearcei grows very densely with short, 2-3cm long rhizomes and should therefore be kept in bowls. The inflorescences are upright to overhanging and can produce 2-3 flowers in succession.

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