Restrepia trichoglossa '#1'

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Product information "Restrepia trichoglossa '#1'"
Name: Restrepia trichoglossa, F. Lehm. ex Sander 1901

Pleurothallis amesiana, L.O.Williams 1940
Pleurothallis filamentosa, (Ames & C. Schweinf.) L.O. Williams 1940
Pleurothallis subserrata, (Schltr.) L.O. Williams 1940
Restrepia angustilabia, Schltr. 1923
Restrepia angustilabia subsp. subserrata, (Schltr.) H. Mohr 1996
Restrepia antennifera subsp. leontoglossa, (Schltr.) H. Mohr 1996
Restrepia brachypus subsp. serrilabia, (Schltr.) H. Mohr 1996
Restrepia filamentosa, Ames & C. Schweinf. 1925
Restrepia lankesteri, Ames & C.Schweinf. 1930
Restrepia leontoglossa, Schltr. 1920
Restrepia serrilabia, Schltr. 1920
Restrepia subserrata, Schltr. 1923
Restrepia trichoglottis, hort. ex Gentil 1906 (1907)


trichoglossa: trichos = hairy, glossa = tongue

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Panama, Colombia, Peru,Ecuador

epiphytic in damp, cool cloud forests at altitudes from 300 to 3200 metres


Restrepia trichoglossa is a very adaptable Restrepia that grows both cooler and temperate. Short dry phases are tolerated just as well. Up to 8 flowers can spring from each pseudobulb, making this species a very easy growing miniature orchid.

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