Vanda lamellata var. alba

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Product information "Vanda lamellata var. alba"
Name: Vanda lamellata, Lindley 1838 var. alba

Vanda amiensis, Masam. & Segawa 1934
Vanda clitellaria, Rchb.f. 1872
Vanda cumingii, Lindley ex Paxton 1850
Vanda lamellata f. flava, Valm & Tiu 1984
Vanda lamellata var. boxalii, (Rchb.f.) Rchb.f 1880
Vanda lamellata var. calyana [Hort.] Val & Tiu 1984
Vanda lamellata var remediosae, Ames & Quis. 1933
Vanda unicolor, Steud. 1840
Vanda vidalii, Boxall 1877
Vanda yamiensis?, Masam. & Segawa 1934


flabellatus = with a thin ridge
In Japan: Koto-hisaui-ran
In China: Ya Mei Wan Dai Lan

Propagation: seed
Origin: Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, Borneo, the Philippines and the Marianas Islands

epiphytic in full sun near the sea on cliffs or coastal beach forests on branches and tree trunks occuring at elevations of sealevel to 300 meters


Vanda flabellata is a small-growing species that often forms side shoots as it ages. The plant can produce numerous inflorescences with up to 30 flowers per stem when old. The flowers are waxy and long lasting, in sun and humidity they emit a strong, sweet pleasant fragrance.

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