Ceratostema rauhii

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Product information "Ceratostema rauhii"
Name: Ceratostema rauhii, Luteyn 1992

not known


rauhii = Werner Rauh (1913 - 2000) was a German botanist. He was engaged in systematics, morphology and biogeography of plants. On many expeditions he explored the plant world of America, Africa and Asia. His main focus was on bromeliads and succulent plants. About 1200 species, subspecies and varieties were discovered and/or described by Werner Rauh.
Werner Rauh discovered this species on a collecting trip, and James L. Luteyn, then curator of the New York Botanical Garden, described it and named it in honor of the discoverer.

Propagation: cuttings
Origin: Peru

epiphytic, pendulous, In warm humid tropical forests near Lambayeque, Peru, at altitudes from sea level to 1000m.


Ceratostema rauhii grows in normal potting soil, but since it is very sensitive to waterlogging, orchid substrate or epiphyte substrate like for Anthurium/Philodendron is more suitable. It can be kept in a hanging pot, nicer and healthier for the plant are baskets or epiphytic pots that have better aeration.
Well maintained plants have more than 20 tendrils, which can grow up to 2m in length under optimal circumstances. The flowers arise (sometimes several times) below the leaf and can be pink or reddish.

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