Tillandsia gardneri

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Product information "Tillandsia gardneri"
Name: Tillandsia gardneri, Lindl. 1842

Anoplophytum incanum, É.Morren
Anoplophytum incanum, É.Morren ex C.Morren 1881
Anoplophytum rollissonii, É.Morren
Anoplophytum rollissonii, É.Morren ex C.Morren 1879
Tillandsia cambuquirensis, Silveira 1931
Tillandsia fluminensis, Mez 1894
Tillandsia gardneri var. cabofrioensis, W.Weber & Ehlers 1981
Tillandsia gardneri var. rupicola, E.Pereira 1981
Tillandsia gardneri var. virescens, E.Pereira 1979
Tillandsia regnellii, Mez 1894
Tillandsia venusta, Silveira 1931


gardneri = George Gardner (1812-1849), British botanist and plant collector

Propagation: seed / divisions
Origin: Venezuela, Trinidad, Brasil, Colombia

unclear, epiphytic, localities are geographically unusually far apart from each other, altitudes vary from sea level to 2000m, not all localities are documented.


loves it hot and dry, ideal for steppe and desert terrariums

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