Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Minima'

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Product information "Tillandsia tenuifolia 'Minima'"
Name: Tillandsia tenuifolia, L. 1753

Anoplophytum brachypodum, É.Morren
Anoplophytum brachypodum, É.Morren ex Baker
Tillandsia bicolor, Lorentz
Tillandsia dianthoidea, Schott
Tillandsia dianthoidea, Schott ex Wawra 1880
Tillandsia surinamensis, Mez 1894

Tillandsia tenuifolia var. disticha, (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. 1962
Tillandsia tenuifolia var. glaucifolia, Gouda 2017
Tillandsia tenuifolia var. nigrifolia, Gouda 2017
Tillandsia tenuifolia var. saxicola, (L.B.Sm.) L.B.Sm. 1962
Tillandsia tenuifolia var. vaginata, (Wawra) L.B.Sm. 1962


tenuifolia: tenuis = narrow, folius = leaf

Propagation: seed
Origin: Central- and Southamerica, Westindies

Tillandsia tenuifolia is widespread from Central to South America. The main areas are inland to the Atlantic coast. The species grows epiphytically at altitudes of 300 - 2000m.


Tillandsia tenuifolia is very variable, besides numerous varieties, numerous local site variants are traded. The bracts are pink to dark purple, the flowers can be white, pink or blue.

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