Restrepia contorta 'orange'

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Product information "Restrepia contorta 'orange'"
Name: Restrepia contorta, (Ruiz & Pav.) Luer 1996

Humboldtia contorta, Ruiz & Pavon 1798
Humboltia contorta, Ruiz & Pav. 1798
Pleurothallis fimbrilabia, C. Schweinf. 1953
Pleurothallis maculata subsp. ecuadoriensis, [Schlechter] H. Mohr 1996
Restrepia apiculata, Luer 1982
Restrepia caucana, Schlechter 1920
Restrepia ecuadorensis, Rolfe 1892
Restrepia maculata, Lindl. 1846
Restrepia maculata subsp. ecuadoriensis, (Rolfe) H.Mohr 1996
Restrepia pardina, Lem. 1869
Restrepia punctulata, Lindley 1859
Stelis contorta, [Ruiz & Pavon] Pers. 1807


contortus = twisted

Propagation: division
Origin: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador

Epiphyte, in humid montane forests on mossy branches and twigs in cloud forest at altitudes from 1300 to 3200 m


Restrepia contorta is a small-growing, bushy Restrepia, the flowers may arise several times from a pseudobulb.

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