Dendrochilum convallariiforme

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Product information "Dendrochilum convallariiforme"
Name: Dendrochilum convallariiforme, Schauer 1843

Acoridium bistortum, (H.Wendl. & Kraenzl.) Rolfe 1904
Acoridium confusum, (Ames) Ames 1922
Acoridium convallariiforme, (Schauer) Rolfe 1904
Dendrobium bicallosum, Ames 1908
Dendrochilum bicallosum var. minor
Dendrochilum confusum, Ames 1911
Dendrochilum bistortum, (H.Wendl. & Kraenzl.) J.J.Sm. 1904
Dendrochilum convallariiforme var. minor, (Ames) H.A.Pedersen 1997
Platyclinis bistorta, H.Wendl. & Kraenzl. 1856


convallariiforme = similar to a 'lily of the valley'

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Philippines

epiphytic in shady areas at altitudes of 300 to 900 meters


Dendrochilum convallariforme is a very small, compact growing Dendrochilum. The numerous flowers are about 8mm in size, and bloom one after the other.

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