Cattleya intermedia var. alba

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Product information "Cattleya intermedia var. alba"
Name: Cattleya intermedia Graham ex Hook. 1828

Cattleya amabilis B.S.Williams 1862
Cattleya amethestina C. Morr. 1848
Cattleya amethystina C. Morren 1848
Cattleya aquinii Barb. Rodr. 1891
Cattleya candida hort.
Cattleya gibeziae Linden & Rodigas 1887
Cattleya ianthina hort. 1853
Cattleya intermedia f. amethystina (C.Morren) M.Wolff & O.Gruss 2007
Cattleya intermedia f. parthenia (Rchb.f.) F.Barros & J.A.N.Bat. 2004
Cattleya intermedia var. amethystina (C.Morren ex Lem.) Fowlie 1977
Cattleya intermedia var. angustifolia Hook. 1839
Cattleya intermedia var. gibeziae (L.Linden & Rodigas) L.Linden & Rodigas 1887
Cattleya intermedia var. macrochila Barb.Rodr. 1877
Cattleya intermedia var. pallida Lindl. 1836
Cattleya intermedia var. parthenia Rchb.f. 1888
Cattleya intermedia var. punctatissima Sander 1892
Cattleya intermedia var variegata Hkr. 1844
Cattleya intermedium Rchb.f 1861
Cattleya loddigesii Lindley var amethystina Lem 1853
Cattleya maritima Lindley 1836
Cattleya ovata Lindley 1836
Epidendrum intermedium Rchb.f 1861
Laelia lindleyana G. Nicholson 1885
Laelia lindleyana (Rchb. f.) H.J. Veitch 1887;


intermedius = intermediate
albus = white

Trade name: Cattleya
Propagation: seed
Origin: Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina

epiphyte, also lithophyte,in Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in the Atlantic coastal forest exposed on rocks and small trees near the sea or streams


numerous site variants of this species exist, which differ from the nominal form in both growth and flowering.

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