Philodendron asplundii

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Product information "Philodendron asplundii"
Name: Philodendron asplundii Croat & M.L.Soares 2001

not known


asplundii = Erik Asplund (1888-1974), Swedish botanist in South America.


Propagation: division
Origin: Ecuador, Peru

Philodendron asplundii grows hemi-epiphytic and is restricted to the Amazon basin. The distribution ranges from southern Venezuela and French Guiana to Colombia, Ecuador to Peru. This species occurs at elevations of 150-2500 m in tropical moist forests and premontane moist forests.


The second recorded collection of this very large-leaved species was made by the Swedish botanist Eric Asplund in Ecuador in 1956. The first collection had been made in 1929 by E. P. Killip & A. C. Smith at the Río Huallaga in Peru. Since pre-existing names precluded the use of Killip's or Smith's names, the species was named in honor of Asplund.
Eric Asplund was one of the first collectors in Ecuador and responsible for collecting many new species of Araceae.

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