Philodendron roseocataphyllum

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Product information "Philodendron roseocataphyllum"
Name: Philodendron roseocataphyllum, Croat & M. M. Mora 2004

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roseocataphyllum: roseus = pink, cataphyllus = cataphyll (cataphylls are small leaves that do not serve photosynthesis, they include bracts, bracteoles, and bud scales, as well as any small leaves that resemble scales known as scale leaves).

Propagation: division
Origin: Colombia, Ecuador

Philodendron roseocataphyllum is found along the Pacific Andes in Colombia and Ecuador. They grow hemiepiphytically at altitudes from sea level to 700m. In Cabo Corrientes, Colombia, this species grows 3m high epiphytically in the trees.
Philodendron roseocataphyllum require a tropical humid warm climate with regular precipitation in the form of rain or dew.


With its short internodes and upright stems with medium-sized leaves, Philodendron roseocataphyllum makes a great indoor ornament, and the bright green, glossy foliage is very refreshing and invigorating.

M. Marcela Mora, Missouri Botanical Garden, Co-Author
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