Philodendron melanochrysum

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Product information "Philodendron melanochrysum"
Name: Philodendron melanochrysum, Linden & André 1873

Philodendron andreanum, Devansaye 1886
Philodendron grandidens, hort. 1887


melanochrysum: melano = dark, black, chryseus = gold colored

Propagation: divisions
Origin: Colombia

hemiepiphytic climber, around 800m, in the warm humid tropical forest of the Pacific Andes.


The leaves of Philodendron melanochrysum are of extraordinary beauty, dark blackish green with golden yellow veining, a real eye-catcher and highlight in any collection.
The plant was first found by M. Roezl (?), and subsequently described by André. However, no other Philodendron melanochrysum had been found in the area mentioned as the orignal locality, the confirmed collections of the plants known today were made years later in another area which was not disclosed, only 800m altitude was confirmed.

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Customer evaluation for "Philodendron melanochrysum"
26 Jul 2022

Sehr hohe Qualität, gut durchwurzelt, bildete nach kurzer Zeit schon neue Blätter, wächst wie verrückt.

Super Pflanze, super schön und starker wuchs.

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